Things that you don’t know about Foosball Table Game

A human mind is always curious. From this curiosity, people invented newer and newer things. There are a huge number of people across the world who plays Foosball or a fan of Foosball table game. They are always curious to know about the history or much other unknown matter about Foosball. Foosball is always an interesting game for all people, especially for enthusiastic people. At present time, you can see that there is a huge fan club around the world. So, if you are a fan of Foosball or have a love for Foosball game then you should know more about the Foosball game that is unknown to many people. So, if you are a big fan of Foosball game then you should gather more knowledge about this game. Now I am going to share the most surprising 10 things that you don’t know about Foosball.

foosball table

The name who actually invent the soccer table game is totally unknown to all. No one gets the answer. The name who actually invent the soccer table game is totally unknown to all. No one gets the answer to the question. But Harold Searles Thornton is known as the discoverer of Foosball table game. Because his patent was first officially accepted by the United Kingdom in 1923. But some people say that he was not the actual inventor of this game. According to some people, the inventor of this game was a European fellow. And other says that French Lucian Rosengart created it but his patent was lost.

There are many people who practice this game daily even have no idea about the different gameplay, styles, and tables. There is basically four distinct style of tables but many say there are six styles of tables and gameplay. But there are actually four basic styles of table, they are American, French, German and Italian. These four has their own style but the other two are the combination of basic four styles, they don’t have their own style. Though the design of the tables is different the playing rules are same. These individual design or style just affect the ball movement. Some style has fast movement and some have slow movement but all the styles are good for learning or improving one’s skill.

Most of the newcomer’s Foosball player don’t know about the 3 men goalie setup. They only know about the 1 men goalie setup. As many gameplay styles exist so they have some differences in their configuration. The American tables are manufactured with 1 men goalie setup while European style tables are manufactured with 3 men goalie setup. Playing with 3 men goalie is more exciting and interesting than 1 men goalie.

People always try to make something unique and make their own record. So, some Foosball lover made a record by playing soccer table game. By playing Foosball table game 4 players made a Guinness World record of 61 hours and 17 minutes. It was the longest marathon of Foosball game. The name of that player is Manuel Larcher, Alexander Kuen, Bernd Neururer and Dietmar Neururer. They made the record in Austria.

After inventing Foosball table game, people only play this game at home. They only play this game just for having fun or spending time. So, people don’t emphasize to build up their skill. Therefore, there was no skilled player before 1950. Then in 1950, the Belgium organized the first league of Foosball table game. After that people got to know about the experienced, expert and skilled Foosball players. And after that league people also start playing Foosball at a professional level to take part in the league or competition.

After inventing soccer table game, the popularity of this game was rapidly increasing and just before few years in 1970 the game becomes more popular and started to compete with other game in Europe. Seeing the popularity of this game in Europe, the two fellows of America wanted to create a different style of Foosball table to attract the American people. After deciding that they made the very first American Foosball table version in 1970. And these two American’s were Hayes and Furr. And these American-style tables are still popular not only in America but also all around the world.

In 1970 the two American Hayes and Furr invented the most stylish Foosball table, and the table was greatly accepted by the American inhabitants. After that people started playing this game with their family and friends to spend a quality time. People started showing more interest in it. They made the game as their free time partner and fun comfort game. So, the popularity of this game was raised very quickly in the 1970s. At the same year, the soccer table game touches its popularity peak in the USA.

The popularity of this game increased over a year. Behind making the game popular the two American fellows roles were most important. They invented the most attractive Foosball table. And this attractive table attracted the American people to start playing soccer table game. When they started playing the game with full interest, they wanted to play this game outside of European play it and test their expertness with playing expert players. By seeing the eagerness of American people Lee Peppard organized the first tournament in the USA at Eight Ball Billards in MT in 1972.

If there is no winning prize in the tournament then nobody will show any interest to participate. Without winning prize competition also looks dull. And in this type of game player don’t play with their best method or technique because there is no hope of getting any prize. And prizes encourage the player to participate in the competition and give their best performance. Competition organizer always wants more participants in their competition so they arrange the winning prize. In 1978 the World Championship gave the tournament prize of $1000000 and till now it is the highest winning prize of Foosball table championship.

Foosball table game’s popularity was increasing day by day after its invention. It became more popular when many sports organization organized many competitions. But after inventing the video games such as Pac-Man, the popularity of Foosball game fallen down suddenly. That time people started passing their time by playing a video game instead of playing the Foosball table game which is most benefited indoor game. Just before 1980, the soccer table game sellers sold 1000 tables per month. But after inventing Pac-Man the number of Foosball table sells fallen at 100.
Above are the most astonishing 10 things that you don’t know about Foosball table game. Knowing this fact will help you to get a good impression of your friends. Every Foosball player should know all these facts about Foosball because it will increase one’s knowledge about Foosball table game.