Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Reviews

Buying Guide: Best Welders for Beginners

Thinking of taking up welding as a hobby, it is the perfect guide to properly venture into welding when you need to know more about it. Education regarding welding is critical before you start tinkering with metals in your backyard. Let’s walk through how a beginner should start to weld things correctly.  Being equipped with all the necessary tools is the first step for beginners. Unfortunately, there is no single method to start the welding process once you have the means. But it is advantageous to have alternatives available. There are four different ways of beginning to weld projects you have taken up. Let us see which one suits you the best and how the science of welding works.

Welding Helmet

An overview of the Processes:

Gas Metal Arc Welding:

Commonly known as MIG welders, this process uses a constant speed. The spool which is wired with a welding electrode is automatically fed into these MIG welders. An electrical current produces between the wire and the base metal creating an arc. It results in the melting of the wire and its subsequent connection to the base, providing an unbreakable weld. Not only will the weld require less cleaning but it also has a gleaming appearance. It uses all types of plate metals of various amounts of thickness.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding:

Commonly known as TIG welders, the process is an arc welding focused. It is used for welding thin layered metals, and the TIG welding process provides excellent results with alloys, non-iron metals, and steel. It is a more laborious and more complicated process to master than the other welding processes. A slow process, it allows the operator to have good control, more so than other methods of welding. It uses a tungsten rod that is non-consumable for producing the weld. It has proven to be the best weld for some beginners. A shield gas, which is commonly argon, is used to prevent the weld from getting contaminated. All of this set up then supports the constant electric supply conducted through an arc to a column of gas that is highly ionized. The water vapors generated during the process are known as plasma.

Arc Welding:

Arc welding is an old technique. It has been used for many years and is famous for home-shop needs.  The process takes place through the use of the arc welding electrode. The flowing current between the metal and the welding rod allows the alloys to become welded together. It is a cost-effective method.  It said that this is the best welder for beginners.

The best method for hobbyists and home welders is to set a limit of 18 gauges. The spatter created is enormous and needs to be cleaned to get smoother finishes. Since the method is conventional, it is hard to learn and handling the arc is quite a tough job.

So now that we know the type of welding processes available to us, how are we going to decide which one is the best for us? Some hints are already available in the explanation of the procedures given above. But let’s see which one fits you the best.

The majority wins. It is the case not only with politics but welding activity as well. What is the majority of the events of welding you are going to undertake? Are you going to regularly weld, on the weekend or occasionally? Answering these questions allows you to choose the best welding technique for you. The final step knows that MIG welding works best for cast iron, brass, chromyl, and exotic metals. Arc welding is suitable for welding aluminum alloys, brass, and cast iron as well as chromyl and exotic metals. TIG welding is suitable only for cast iron. With this information, the hobbyists can now choose the best welding method for beginning this task.

Types of Welding Helmet

  1. Jackson welding helmets
  2. Welding helmets miller
  3. Cheap welding helmets
  4. Auto-darkening welding helmets
  5. Best welding helmets
  6. speedglas welding helmets
  7. Custom welding helmets
  8. Lincoln welding helmets


The Metal Inert Gas Welding or the MIG welding is something that is extremely helpful for doing and completing most of your Do It Yourself projects. In fact, it is quite easy to use a MIG welder, which is useful in doing DIY projects. It is a process that involves fast and durable welding up of joints, may it be small or large. It is widely used today in shops and many enthusiasts and hobby artists. A MIG welder is highly useful for people preferring to take up DIY jobs.

About how it does to be precise, we have the following information:

  • MIG welding involves bringing in a wire through the tip of a MIG gun that feeds it through.
  • The cable transfers the current to the gun
  • The weapon then passes the current onto the arc point.
  • Thus, an inert gas is used that flows out of the gas nozzle and made contact.

Understanding the use of a MIG welder is no difficult task. Once you get used to it, it comes in quite handy to complete everyday household repairing tasks. A MIG welder can very quickly be put to use on metals, stainless steel and all types of aluminum material.

It must note that one must take proper care while using a MIG welder. Safety measures need to make necessary. Selection of an adequate big gun is also very essential. It varies in various shapes and sizes. From the surface area, any inflammable material needs to remove before welding. It must also be noted that not many people are surrounding the welding area, as it may be harmful to them as well.

Obtaining a proper wire for the MIG welder is very essential. The quality of welding depends on the thickness and quality of the fence. Hence it must choose wisely. Next, the reel must be tightened enough so that the wire doesn’t lose out or fall off. All the parts should tightly fit into, the cable is selected, and the wire then is inserted into the nozzle of the MIG welder.

After all the preparations, for proper welding process have to follow the following steps:

  • The welding machine must set DC Electro Positive for the polarity.
  • While welding, the electrode must be extended for a clean and regular weld.
  • It needs to use proper shielding gas.
  • To weld a joint, a technique must use a drag or push weld.
  • The gun should hold at 90 degrees to the surface area for making a flat weld.
  • For overhead welding, one should use the standard welding technique, but at a considerably faster pace.
  • The excess filler should shred off once doing the welding.
  • It must be noted that, if the weld is not up to the mark, one needs to re-weld the joint.

Thus, we can say that a MIG welder is the best professional tool on-board for one and all.

Product Review 1:

Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet:

This company provides tools for welding. A beginner or a professional can read this review to be able to make a smart purchase. The product which we will be discussing is an Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. The model number of this new helmet is ADF-206S. We will be examining the features that this product offers to guide you in making a right buying decision.

Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Sensors: The auto darkening welding helmet has four arc sensors for darkening which help the operator to weld metal with ease.  It comes with automatic power on and off.

Guarantee: The product comes with a warranty on the product which the buyer can confirm with the manufacturer directly.

Usability: Tanox caters to the needs of the transportation industries and mining as well as repair and operations related to construction activities.

Complimentary Gloves: Tanox provides an additional pair of gloves free at no additional cost to attract customers. The company aims to provide value to its customers and keep them satisfied.

Availability: The product is readily available. It is in stock and also purchased from leading online selling sites, including Amazon.


  • The purchaser gets gloves along with the product at no extra charge.
  • The automated system of on and off
  • Padded interiors on the helmets for comfort while working.
  • Suitable for professionals and do it your self.
  • Meets all standards to keep your eyes safe.


  • Comparatively heavier than other contemporary brands.
  • The product’s warranty is not provided in the specifications.
  • The user’s guide is not comprehensive and for beginners, it can be an issue.

The Tanox Auto-darkening helmet not only takes care to keep the eyes from being affected by IR and ultraviolet rays but also considers the comfort of the welders so that they are able to work smoothly.

Product Review 2:

Jackson 46131 welding helmet:

Jackson’s 46131 products is a new welding helmet offered by the company to both enthusiasts and professionals in welding. The product is equipped with the following specifications which are explained in detail below:

Jackson 46131 welding helmet

  1. Model and capability: The model number is 46131 and can be used for MIG welding, arc welding, and TIG welding.
  2. Shade range and view area: The helmet offers a shade range of 9-13. The view area is 3.93” X 2.36” which offers quite a bit of competition to other brands available on the market.
  3. Price: The price of Jackson is quite reasonable at $144.30. Gift wrap is also available.
  4. Weight and dimensions: The weight of the welding cap is a bit more, weighing 2.0 pounds, but it is average and can be handled by the user. The dimensions of the helmet are 13.6” X 9.6” X 8.1”.
  5. Availability: This auto-darkening welding helmet is in stock and can be purchased from leading online sites with which Jackson has a business relationship.
  6. Warranty and Compliance: The product meets compliance, safety, and accountability criteria. The customer can ask the customer service executive about the warranty criteria through online support. The company will provide the prospective buyer with the details.


  • Lightweight.
  • Offers a good viewing area.
  • It is CSA compliant.
  • Adapts to working conditions and adjusts accordingly.
  • Suitable for all weld processes.


  • Does not provide any information regarding the switching speed.
  • The product is costly in comparison with other brands available.
  • Problems with the design and material used in the makeup of the helmet.

Product Review 3:

Instapark ADF Series GX990T

Instapark’s new welding hood is model number GX990T. Instapark packs this product full of desirable specifications along with a low price. This makes it a lucrative option for buyers to consider. Let’s explore the features of the product to enable you to make an informed buying decision.

Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto-darking Welding Helmet

  1. User-Friendly: Embedded with 4 sensors (optical) and solar powered, the helmet provides the largest viewing area available in its class with 3.94” X 3.86”. The auto-adjusting features of the product aid the user by providing adequate eye protection at all times.
  2. Design and weight: The design of the helmet is revolutionary and extremely durable, made with the idea of keeping the comfort of the consumer as one of the main concerns. The interior of the product is fully padded which allows users to work in comfort.
  3. Fast switching time: The Instapark’s switching time is the fastest among contemporary brands. The speed is 1/30000 of a second. Can you believe it?
  4. Suitability: The helmet is capable of being used while arc welding, tungsten inert gas welding, and metal inert gas welding.
  5. Warranty: information available from the manufacturer’s site by sending an email request to Customer Support. The company will then inform the potential customer of the warranty details.


  • Solar powered
  • Cost-effective
  • Fastest switching time
  • Largest viewing area


  • No warranty information provided.
  • It does not offer any complimentary product.
  • Knobs and sliders are small and can affect your work.

This unique welding helmet with the features of being solar powered with reasonable pricing makes it a good option and possibly the best welding helmet available to the welders.

Best Welding Helmets: A Buying Guide

As you all know that working in a welding workshop can be dangerous as there are a large number of health risks that come with the whole welding procedure. Welding gives out harmful ultraviolet rays and a tremendous amount of heat that can cause damage to different parts of the body. Some of the common health hazards are the burning of skin, partial or total blindness because of retina damage, etc.

Best Welding Helmet

So, to avoid that, have to use helmets. As their name suggests, helmets protect the neck, eyes, and face of a person working in a welding workshop from harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays. So, if there is some arc welding in a place, then these welding helmets are used. These helmets provide total protection because of their design. These helmets cover the face and the overall head area. They also have a small window of space from which the wearer can see through the protecting mask while working. The window panes of these helmets are making of a material that protects the eyes from any harm. The material can be anything from polarized lenses to clouded plastic. It doesn’t matter what material, these helmets are making off as long as they do their job of providing total protection.

How to Choose the Best Welding Helmet?

Since welding helmets are the best bet for those working in welding workshops to protect themselves, it becomes essential to choose the best one or the one which is most suitable for your workplace.

In the market, there are different types of welding helmets available that have a different style, design, built and purpose to serve. That’s what defines their quality and price. So, given below are some of the factors that one can take into consideration before buying the best welding helmet.

  1. Weight

It is always advised to wear a lightweight welding helmet. The reason behind is that the massive helmets can cause fatigue. Also, it can result in short working-hours of workers, which can become an issue in the long run. So, one should consider the weight before rushing into purchasing a welding helmet because a lightweight one can maximize the overall comfort.

  1. Auto-darkening lens

Whenever you are looking for a welding helmet, then always try to find the best auto-darkening welding lens. An auto-darkening welding lens is usually coated with an infrared and ultraviolet ray sensitive material and is still dark.

Make sure that the lens coats in such a way that as a user, you can see through it clearly while working. Apart from an auto lens, there is a passive lens also available but won’t prefer because of the efficiency of auto-darkening lenses.

  1. Sensor

One thing about these sensors is that they help in product’s better coverage. So, if you are not sure about the number of sensors then try to get the one with the highest number of sensors. More the sensors more are the coverage. Also, keep in mind that sensors differ from product to product, so choose accordingly.

  1. Switching speed of the lens

Another thing that matters while buying a welding helmet is the speed of the auto-adjusting lens. Now, this also differs from product to product. All you have to know is, a faster pace of the machine will help you in doing the job better.

  1. Headgear

Always look for a helmet which is adjustable. They usually help you in fitting the mask to the size of your head. If the headgear is not adjustable, then it can cause severe trouble. Apart from that, it can also become uncomfortable. So, consider adjustable headgear while buying the best welding helmet as it will protect your head from injury and getting exposed to harmful rays.

Choose your helmet carefully.

Since welding involves specific health hazards, so it becomes imperative to choose wisely. It can become tough to select the right one as there are way too many products available in the market. It gives rise to confusion and most of the time people end up buying the wrong product which they realize very fast.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that safety is and should always be the number one priority. Some of the safety risks that come with welding are inhalation of harmful gases, explosion, electric shock, injuries, fire, etc. These are the risks that can do personal damage. So, make sure that the helmet ensures full safety and stands up to national safety standards.

Another thing that one should worry about is the welding quality. Now, a lot of people depend way too much on experience and forget that the tools are also valuable while welding. It is always a great idea to invest in a helmet that has multiple features and overall built of good quality.

If the quality of helmet is not right, then you’ll probably be putting your safety at risk as it won’t be able to protect you from the harmful rays and other safety hazard and also you won’t be able to see correctly through it. It increases the risk of injury and also decreases the overall productivity.


Now to make things easier for you, we have some of the welder reviews of the best welding helmets available in the market. These are also one of the best budget welder supporting helmets.

TGR Extra Large View Welding Helmet

Let’s start with the look and the overall built of this helmet. Regarding looks, this is a very stylish helmet with a tattoo girl printed on it. Now, this might not be everyone’s first choice, but still, it provides a change in look from those traditional steel grey color helmets. Apart from the design, this helmet is pretty big. Its width is 4 inches, whereas the height is 3.65 inches. This way this helmet provides full protection throughout the working hours. Now, the best part about this helmet is that its see-through window is extensive, which means that it allows for an extra-large view making the work easier. One of the most significant problems arises when the picture is not clear, or it is too small, but this model has no such issues.

Now, another feature which makes this helmet worth buying is the auto-darkening lens. Since we have already discussed the advantages and efficiency of the auto-darkening lens, so you must have gotten the idea of how resourceful this welding helmet is. One of the most important features that contribute to making a good welding helmet is the sensors. Now if we talk about this welding helmet, then the number of sensors it has are 4. The number of sensors in this welding helmet is good enough and contributes to making it one of the best.

But looks and features are not enough to define a good helmet. The usage also matters. This welding helmet is excellent for doing ARC welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding. Also, this helmet allows you to control the sensitivity of the lens. So, we can say that this is a highly efficient product. And if we look at the price of it, then we can also say that it’s a cost-effective product. The affordability is what makes this worth product buying because, at such low price, you are getting so many features. Overall, it is a decent product that can help in supporting long working hours and also prevent fatigue too great extents. The low price makes it great for those who are looking for an under a budget welding helmet.


  1. Provides an extra-large view
  2. Comes with four sensors
  3. Lightweight
  4. Controls for light sensitivity
  5. Affordable


No cons at this price

Deep Sea Solar Powered Welding Helmet

It is yet another welding helmet that one should consider buying. This beautifully designed helmet is not just all looks, but it is loads with amazing features. So, let’s start with the eye protection feature. The lens used on this helmet is the auto darkening one which switches fast from light to dark. The time it takes is about 1/25000 seconds. Moreover, the lens even protects during any electrical failures. During that kind of scenario, the shade 16 provides full protection to the worker against infrared as well as UV radiation.  This feature makes it a smart choice when it comes to safety.

Another great feature of this helmet is the manual adjustment feature. It also equips with a setting for a delay as well as sensitivity. This setting is adaptable for a variety of different task durations and different environments. Apart from that, the helmet provides enhanced color recognition and visibility. The light level of filter DIN 4 allows switching from bright to dark state within a brief period (0.1s to 1.0s).

Now if we talk about the view, the helmet is equipped with a light visor, viewing area which is pretty standard, 3.85”x3.15”. It allows the diffusion of light, angular dependency, and luminous transmittance’s variation which practically helps in seeing far more clearly at different as well as challenging angles. Moreover, this helmet is lightweight which makes it even more suitable for working for a long time. Also, this welding helmet makes a balance with fatigue-free as well as adjustable, comfortable headgear which makes it a superior choice.

Now last but not the least, its efficiency. Since this helmet used an auto-darkening filter, it enables the welders to quickly adapt to the different working environment by giving them access to the shade of lens control. You have also got the sensitivity adjustments in the helmet from ambient sources of lighting. And the batteries of this helmet are powered with a technology of solar panel which ensures a more extended life of the product. All these features make this welding helmet cost-effective. So, overall this is a product that one should buy, not consider, but buy because, at such a low price, this product offers far greater services and can also use in automotive manufacturing, manufacturing of food & beverages and metal production etc.


  1. Durable
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Provide optimal protection
  4. Comfortable


  1. Quality of material is not good
  2. The battery can be an issue

AUDEW Adjustable Welding Helmet

This welding helmet from AUDEW is yet another stylish helmet that promises to offer optimal protection to the welder. Now let’s start with the design of this helmet. This helmet comes under the automatic dimming ones that are specifically designed to provide full frame protection to the wearer’s eyes as well as the face from the splashes, spark and other harmful radiations (infrared and UV specifically) without cutting off the light. This product works great at automatically adjusting the light coming from the outside. Moreover, this helmet is very much suitable for soldering operations under high temperatures because the face shield of the helmet protects not just the face but the entire head from any risks. It is also ideal for grinding and welding options. So, you don’t have to worry when things start to heat up as this helmet can handle far more heat than one can imagine.

Now, let’s talk about the view. Concerning view, this helmet provides views of a pretty broad area since the overall window pane is full. The dimensions are 3.62” x 1.66”. Moreover, being automatic gives this helmet a feature of automatic boot and shutdown so you can conveniently adjust to artificial. Another thing about this welding helmet is its response time. Its response to the light is swift. It switches from a bright state to a dark state in 1/30000 seconds. This reaction time only works under normal temperature conditions. It is tremendously sensitive to light.

Now, the overall quality of the product is decent, and it has solar technology so you won’t have to worry about it getting stopped between welding which is a perk of buying it. Moreover, it has a feature of flips up and down, which makes everything so much easier. The adjustment settings are not at all complicated so anybody can use it. And the headband is adjustable too so that you can adjust it according to your head with ease. If we look at the price, then it is shockingly low. Its affordability is what completes this product description. If you want a welding helmet that does not cost a lot and has a fantastic design and also equipped with features, then this one is recommended.


  1. Good quality
  2. Affordable
  3. supports long working hours
  4. Provides a wide range of view


  1. Autodesk doesn’t work all the times
  2. Affordable
  3. The auto adjustment knob is loose

Honeywell Piper Liner Welding Helmet

On making from fiberglass, this welding helmet comes with a pretty basic look. Its dimensions are 2” x 4” with shade 10.  Now let’s start with the features of this welding helmet. This product made of a specially formulated material of super glass plus. Also, its rugged construction is what helps in meeting the demands of the welding environment. Moreover, this welding helmet is self-extinguishing which prevents any possible caching of fire or burning. The helmet’s surface is made smooth to deflect any spatter or spark. We can say that the design of this product is very efficient.

Now let’s talk about its reaction to any impacts. This welding helmet is pretty much impervious to any moisture or fluids, so you can work in conditions where there’s possible moisture without any discomfort. Also, the paper liners in the helmet are resistant to any impact. So, they won’t crack or split under massive impact such as falling or so. It does nothing other than protecting your head and maintaining the durability of this welding helmet. It is very shocking that at such a low price, the quality of the material is so superior.

Now, some of us have to deal with the issue of putting the helmet somewhere and finding out that it is taking a lot of space. It is not always a problem, but this helmet does not give rise to any issue related to an area because of its compact design. Its compact design is what makes it so different from other standard helmets. It takes very little space.

Regarding comfort, we can assure that it will provide maximum protection from fatigue and since it is lightweight, this welding helmet will support more extended working hours without tiring you out. Also, if we talk about the looks, then we can say that it is a pretty primary product (regarding looks), but still the overall functionality is what helps it in the making into our list.

In conclusion, this product is durable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. So, if you are looking for a compact product under budget, then this one is wholly recommended.


  1. Meets industry standards
  2. A formulated Super glass material
  3. Comfortable
  4. Durable
  5. Affordable


  1. Cheap headgear quality
  2. Uncomfortable fit

ZUISU SHOP Welding Helmet

This welding helmet is one of the stylish ones with the exotic look. So, let’s start with the view it provides. The dimensions of the window pane are 3.94 inches X 1.97 inches, which are pretty comprehensive if we compare it to standard welding helmets. This broad view allows a far more precise sight and helps in looking at different angles. The weight of this helmet is 1LB which makes it lightweight. It will enable the welder to feel comfortable while working. It also supports more extended working hours without any risks of fatigue.

The headgear is balancing this helmet which is adjustable. The headgear is also very comfortable and helps in getting rid of any fatigue during work.

Now if we talk about the protection, then we can say it is a product that provides optimum protection against any risks and radiations. It meets the minimum industry standards for security and is one of the best choices for safety. And since the helmet equips the auto-darkening filter, it allows one to switch between light and dark within a time frame of 1/250000 seconds. And if there’s an electrical failure, then the welder is always safe as the helmet will still protect against harmful infrared and UV radiations. It is all because of shade 13.

This welding helmet equips with multi shades. You can easily choose the weld and the grind modes which you can use it for doing TIG welding, MIG welding and ARC welding on this great value-centric mask. The filter’s light level in the helmet is DIN4 and the time it takes from switching between dark state to bright state is just 0.1seconds to 1.0 seconds which highly depends on the demand of the consumer. Moreover, you can easily control the shade of the lens according to your working environment all because of the presence of Auto-darkening filter. It also provides controls for the sensitivity adjustments from the light source that are ambient. Also, Solar assistance batteries powered with these helmets. It ensures a more extended life of the overall product.

Overall, this product is worth considering because of the features we just mentioned above. It is highly efficient and provides full protection to the welder.


  1. Affordable
  2. Auto-darkening filter
  3. Durable
  4. Highly-reactive


  1. The material is non-durable
  2. The auto darkening doesn’t work consistently

Miller Electric Welding Helmet

This new Miller welding helmet comes under the first welding helmets, but its look does not define. This welding helmet recommends to MIG, FIG and Arc welding. It works great. So, let’s start with the style and quality. This welding helmet is lightweight which is the first thing that one should look for in a helmet. The lightweight of this helmet prevents fatigue and helps the welder in working longer shifts which increases the productivity. Also, it is all about the comfort which this helmet is willing to provide. The wearer won’t even feel this helmet because of the support.

Auto-Darkening Filter equipped here. The thing about this lens is that it responds almost immediately. Also, you can adjust the setting for darkness according to your convenience with the help of a knob that is present on the inside of this welding helmet. And since the lens does not have turning on or turning off button, you don’t have to sweat about flashing yourself with high-intensity light as the ADF will provide full protection to the wearer all the time no matter what setting you are on. The reaction time of this helmet is astonishingly fast which 1/10,000 seconds are. You can also control the speed of the lens, the sensitivity of the lens and the delay control, all between 0.10 seconds to 1.0 seconds. The TIG rating for this helmet is 20A. There is an Auto ON/OFF power control which includes the helmet.

The viewing area of the lens is pretty full, so you won’t have to worry about the awkward angles. Moreover, the battery life of this welding helmet is 2000 hours. But it has solar technology which supports continuous welding for a long time. Overall, this is a decent product with great value. This welding helmet made it to our list because of the efficiency. It might not have a lot of features, but the ones that it has are enough to justify its cost. We would recommend this product, or at least one should consider buying it. It is best welding helmet for the money and will last long without showing any clues of a defect.


  1. Comfortable
  2. Comes with Auto-Darkening Filter
  3. Fast reactive lens
  4. Affordable


  1. Cheaply made
  2. The auto darkening doesn’t work all the times

Pyramex Safety WHAM3030FM Leadhead Welding Helmet

It is the welding helmet which is known for its style. It comes in fire metal, flame design, American eagle design, and glossy black design. Since we are talking about looks, let’s review its overall built. This welding helmet is pretty big and looks amazingly stylish. The window pane is also pretty big, but it is not as wide which restricts a lot of side view, but it is not a problem because it is big enough to be working easily without any problem. It is lightweight which prevents any possibility of fatigue. It also supports longer working hours and maintains comfort all the time, which should be the priority. Regarding fitting, its suspension is made up of rugged nylon. It helps in providing a superior fit.  Also, the nylon suspension is fully adjustable, and it is resistant to high-impacts which also used for protection. Overall, the helmet is a work of art. It is one of the most comfortable helmets available in the market. And they are providing a different style range at the same price which makes it an excellent choice. Now if we talk about the response quality of the helmet so we can say that it has one of the fast lenses available. The response time of the glass is tremendously fast which is 1/30,000 seconds. So, you won’t have to worry about any risk of exposing yourself to flashing lights. Now, this helmet also has four sensors. These sensors are there in large design and are known to deliver one of the most reliable detections for arc welding. Since we already discussed above how vital sensors are, so it can easy for you to choose while buying if the helmet has sensors. This helmet is also very durable and equips with the advanced solar power tech. It also has a battery backup to ensure that the welding doesn’t stop as long as you are working. The lens has magnification setting too to support detailed work. Overall, if we compare the price with the features, then we can say that it can help with proper welds and will work for a very long time.


  1. Lens holder for magnification
  2. Equipped with Solar tech
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Equipped with four sensors


  1. The size of the lens can be an issue
  2. No other cons at this price

Antra AH6-260-0000 Welding helmet

This welding helmet from Antra made it to our list because of its fantastic design, customer response, features, and the price. Now let’s start with the looks. Concerning looks, it is a pretty small product and very stylish too. It looks more like a smaller machine than a welding helmet. It provides full protection against ultraviolet ray and infrared rays and also prevents any flash burns. But the fact is that it makes of thin plastic makes it unworthy of industrial rating. But still, that does not stop this product from being one of the best on the market. It means for regular use for ease, but it is not recommended for heavy use in industries as it won’t be able to function well or provide protection.

This welding helmet is suitable for TIG, MMA, MIG and plasma application. It also has the grinding feature which makes it a good choice for under budget shopping. The helmet also has the compatibility for the magnifying lens to; you can easily work over the details.

The helmet has impact resistance features which protect it from heavy impacts. Also, you can adjust the sensitivity of the lens in this helmet for a better experience. Then there is the tension adjustment feature. It comes with a spare lens cover for protection for the exterior of the helmet and another one for the inside of the helmet. The battery is highly durable and also equipped with the solar power tech. So, you can use it for an extended period without stopping at any point. The performance of the batteries is pretty decent.

Now, there are some drawbacks to this product. Since the material used is not very strong, so any hot piece of metal can quickly pass through the helmet and reach the welder’s skin which is a deal breaker. Also, it does not recommend for overhead welding. But given the price of this helmet, it is a pretty good deal. So, if you are thinking of buying a welding helmet for personal use, then you should consider this one because it is cheap, durable and comes with sensors and adjustment controls.


  1. Comes with protective lens
  2. Durable
  3. Provides a wide range of view
  4. Lightweight
  5. Affordable


  1. Overhead welding can’t do
  2. Made of thin plastic

ESAB SENTINEL A50 Welding Helmet

Now, this is what we call the high-tech designed helmet. It is one of the best ones available in the market if you are willing to pay for it. This helmet is not just a helmet. It is a protective gear that can withstand high-impact resistance and provide maximum protection to the welder. It is the future of welding helmets. From high-tech design to applaudable features, this helmet does not leave room for disappointments.

So, let’s start with the look. This welding helmet’s design is different from the traditional welding helmets. It has a shell design which they call it revolutionary as it is made of nylon and is resistant to high impacts. This design makes it look like it came straight out of video games. The headgear is ergonomic which means it is designed to provide fuel efficiency in the working environment. Moreover, the headgear has five infinitely adjustable points which help in providing highly extreme comfort as well as balance to the welder wearing them during work. Another thing about this helmet is that it has a very low-profile design with points at central pivot which allows maximum clearance of the head while keeping the mask in position.

The helmet provides a wide range of view with a final clearance of vision. So, you can view the smallest of details while wearing this helmet. There is also a grind button which is externally activated. It allows you to grind mode to shade 3. And the most fantastic part of this helmet is that it has a colored touch screen with a control panel from which you can easily access eight memory settings separately. If we look at the price, then we can say that it is pretty much reasonable. So, if you are looking for a high-tech product for industrial use, we’d recommend this product. It loads with unique features, it has ease of access, the design is impressive, and it is very durable. It is not as light as other welding helmets on our list, but it is the best. Overall, it is a product worth investing in if you are looking forward to working in the industry with heavy exposure to harmful radiations and the risk of burning.


  1. High- tech
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Amazing Design
  4. Durable


  1. Lens is expensive
  2. The touchscreen doesn’t work with gloves

Jackson Safety 46101 Insight Variable Welding Helmet

It another stylish helmet is something which is worth buying. So, let’s start with its design. This helmet has beautiful star design all over it which makes it very attractive. It covers the entire head to protect it from any radiations. It equipped with the best welding lens which is broad enough to look at steep angles. The helmet is 13.6 inches and made of nylon which provides optimum protection against massive impact. The helmet weighs 2 pounds, which is pretty light. So, with this helmet, you can avoid fatigue too great extents, and you can also expect to work longer without tiring your neck out. Since the product is all about safety and comfort, the product branded with personal protective equipment. You can count on this product for your protection anytime. It protects you from burning, radiations, and most importantly, it protects against eye damage. It is excellent for working in industries with heavy metals. It is suitable for TIG, MIG, and ARC welding. You can use it all day as it ensures full protection of your head.

lincoln welding helmet

lincoln welding helmet

This helmet also gives you controls which are very easy to use. Moreover, the digital display of this helmet is just amazing. The show has a grind and weld mode, and the display screen is made up of perfect size so that everyone can use it efficiently without any inconvenience. This helmet performs better in the long run. It has auto-darkening filters which react at a very high speed. This auto-darkening filter is what helps in keeping your eyes protected all the time. Moreover, the lens of this helmet is highly sensitive towards the light. And the price at which they are offering this helmet is just fantastic. It recommends for those who are looking for a good quality welding helmet with high durability and comfort. This helmet is very professional and can consider one of the best. Overall, it is a good product with minimal flaws. The cost of this welding helmet is reasonable, and there’s not much room for improvement as it is already the improved version of many helmets available in the market.

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  1. Durable
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Amazing Design
  4. Easy to control
  5. Provides Optimum protection


  1. Weight can be an issue

How to build a welding table?

If one is thinking about carrying out a simple welding project, he or she would like to think about building welding of their own. A welding table has specific prerequisites which make it fit for use. A welding table needs to be heatproof and should not be flammable at all. It should also be taken care of that the table should also not bend or warp in any way while in use. To stays stable even when there is substantial weight or heavy object placed on the table, it is recommended welding tables to built out of steel. A welding table design should such that it is convenient for users. The design and size of the table should be optimized to suit the requirements of one’s workspace.

Tools and equipment required

The fundamental tools that are necessary for building a welding table are already present in someone’s workshop. One needs the pieces of metal that people would demand cuts for the top of the table. One can have it cut out into the dimension or can be done personally using a plasma cutter or an oxyacetylene torch. As soon as we decide the aspects of the desired welding table, the user will require a hammer, level, band saw, grinder and the welding machine to use it.

Steps for building a Welding Table

Step 1: Determine the size of the welding table

The space available in the workshop should play an essential factor in deciding the size. The built welding table should have at least 3/8 inch of carbon steel on the top, and the legs of the table made out of angle iron, square tubing, u-channel or merely a sturdy pipe. The prima facie concern when making the measurements is to be sure that the table stays uniform and steady no matter the weight placed on it.

Step 2: Cut the top

Elevate the metal being used and make cuts at 1/8 inch on both length and widths for finish grinding. Remove remaining slag using a hammer. The rough edges of the cut edges need to be excellent grained.

Step 3: Decide the structure and number of support legs

For a 3/8-inch table top, the ideal distance between two legs can be a maximum of 6 feet. Once we decide the name and a comfortable working height, cut the legs out and weld it on to the tabletop.

Step 4: Add shelves and accessorize the welding table with additional metal structures like boxes and plates.

Tips for building a welding table

While creating a welding table, always remember to keep the measurements right .get light steel probably carbon steel to keep the table light yet sturdy for portability. It is still best to measure the most comfortable working height before planning to build a welding table. You can also make your welding table multipurpose by welding in many accessories along the table sides and shelves.