15 Metal Professional Oscillating Multi-Tool Quick Release Saw Blades


Professional users like to invest in the perfect tool. In case of oscillating multi-tool, where blades and kits need to change for keeping its workflow. But many oscillating tool reviews show that the blades fit on brand but not durable. So the user needs to invest time too for search out best blades and kit for their quick service. Don’t need to worry, Ryker Hardware saves your time and money also. It charges little higher that platinum blades ten piece kits but offer outstanding service, and you don’t need to complain. Under 40 price range, it provides 15 Wood/Metal Professional Oscillating Multi-Tool Quick Release Saw Blades. The function works by batter power system. So it runs faster and delivers frequency speed.

Besides, it offers two months guarantee following service. Ryk1015 blades feature comes as:

  • Three Larger curved edges: (HSC Fine Tooth 4” Wide Saw Blades) allow for flushing cut metal. Its controls on Plywood, the particular board, Harwood, Fiberglass etc.
  • Three Bi-Metal Blades: (2.25” long and 1.75” Wide Saw Blade) Offer 25% faster Cut on wood and metal and make the broader shape. It’s possible for its high alloy steel blade feature.
  • Three Semi-Circular 4” Wide Saw Blades: Most industrialist like it for all purpose cut and shape service. Elevated arbour material used for flush cuts metals. Like trim, drywall, plastic case.
  • Three HSC Japanese Tooth Blades: (1.4” Wide Saw Blades) The blade function used to clear the dust after processing. Heavy duty industry work service makes easier the blade function. It works on wood, plastic, laminates and more feature.
  • Three HSC Fine Tooth: (2.6” Wide Saw Blades) It used to cut gauge quickly and flawlessly. It makes a thicker angle to reach all part of the tool to cut and shape.

15 Piece Blades Support Brand:

  • Black and Decker
  • Bosch
  • Craftsman Nextec
  • Chicago
  • Cougar
  • Dewalt
  • Dremel Multi-Max
  • Velocity By Dremel
  • Falke Tool Mate
  • Ferm Zwolle Holland
  • Genesis Multi-Purpose
  • HARDIN AZ318-2 250W
  • Hausmann 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool
  • LongActive
  • Mastercraft
  • Master Mechanic
  • Matrix
  • Milwaukee
  • Porter Cable
  • Rigid Job Max
  • Rockwell Sonic RafterHyperlock

Now Compatible With: Update:

  • Dremel MM40 and MM45 (C-Clip Adapter recommend)
  • Porter Cable
  • Dewalt

Key Features:

The blades feature we read in first part. Let’s see how you use it for your project:

  1. Superior Value: Different 15 blades work like the fine 15 blades work in 5 category job and you able to get faster work, gauge thickness, and ideal shape. More than leaves reach small spaces to complete your order.
  2. Tougher Than Most: Carbon-Steel made blades works ideally for gauge shaping. It’s not the only shape but also make Also, offer to clean the surface after processing tool.
  3. Precision Cutting: The advantage of using the blades that it does not break down the teeth nail. Also, it fits for flow work – that highly needs a construction site as well as industry. Another feature works it offers depth cut and shapes function. The blades used for making a deeper cut to create the perfect design tool.

VIDEO: How to Choose the Right Blade for an Oscillating Tool or Multi-tool


  • The blades, teeth, and nail are durable
  • One of the best oscillating blades and kits set that release stress at work site
  • Comfortable work feature provides the risk-free function.
  • Cheap price offer with two months guarantees back feature.


  • It’s not fit on Dremel Multi-Max


Q: Will this fit on Dremel Multi-Max?
A: Yes, the updated version brings the feature to Dremel users.

Q: Dremel MM45 requires an adapter, is the adapter includes the kit?
A: No, you need to buy separately from the outlet

Q: Will this fit on craftsman nextec 2.5 amp?
A: Yes.


In the circumstance, 15 Wood/Metal Professional Oscillating Multi-Tool Quick Release Saw Blades is handy for today’s intelligent life living. Power and hand tools need the unique feature blades function to work risk-free and offer high-value service. It fits for construction site and DIY Project. Repair tools on holiday by DIY service. Only 13.6 ounces never feel its more massive the blades. Construction site like to fit the blades on top brands so they can service big project. Low price that also attracts users to buy the Ryker Hardware kits. Buy today and keep your workflow ongoing.